BEST Havana Hostels: Ultimate Guide to Hostels in Havana

With so many high-quality, budget-friendly private rental apartments and houses in Cuba, hostels in Havana Cuba don’t get as much attention as they do in most other large cities. However, there are some incredible – under $8 a night! – hostels in Havana that are well worth checking out for travelers on a budget!

We made this ultimate guide to Havana hostels to help you find the best hostel in Havana at your price point, and in the best neighborhoods of the city for travelers.

Plus, keep reading for our Hostelworld Cuba tricks to find the best hostels in Cuba at the best price, and how private apartments can be even cheaper for some travelers than a Havana hostel. Let’s get started!

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Havana Hostels

While there is usually a big price difference in most cities between a dorm bed in a hostel and your own room or apartment rental from or Airbnb, in Havana the difference is minimal.

This means that there just aren’t a ton of hostels options out there – many people that would normally opt for a hostel can instead have a private rental without splurging too much.

However, there are benefits to hostels in Havana Cuba that can’t be replicated in private rentals. For example, finding community, making friends, and meeting travel buddies for solo travelers is a big benefit of staying in a hostel anywhere.

Hostels in Havana are known for fostering this community. With staff on hand at hostels, you’ll also have access to a local that can help answer your questions and direct you toward the best things to do in the city, another great benefit.

While there aren’t as many hostels in Havana Cuba are you may be used to finding in major capitals, there are some great options if you’re looking for hostels that will give you those benefits.

Hostels in Havana Cuba

Hostel Prices

Prices of dorm beds in the best hostels in Havana are quite inexpensive, starting around $6 per night and going up to around $13 per night.

You’ll find in all accommodation in Cuba – unless you’re looking at the luxury level – that rooms are generally spartan, focused more on necessity than style. However, at this price you’ll get a bed in a hostel with a locker, and breakfast may or may not be included.

There is definitely great value to be had at the budget level in Havana.

Hostelworld Cuba

I have used Hostelworld exclusively for years while traveling in Latin America and always loved the platform.

I’ve found that Hostelworld Cuba has the best array of options for hostels in Havana Cuba, and people tend to leave detailed reviews, pictures, and more that really help you make a decision.

Hostelworld has different sections now specifically for hostels and bed and breakfast properties, which make searching easy if you think you might be looking for a private room.

One of my top travel tips for hostels, private apartments, and home rentals, and Airbnbs? Read the reviews – read all of them!

Only stay somewhere with a lot of thoughtful, good-quality reviews to back it up. You’ll learn so much, and more than just looking at the average rating you’ll get a really honest picture of what to expect.

Best Hostels in Havana

The best hostels in Havana are centered around the neighborhoods of Old Havana and Vedado, the two best neighborhoods for travelers visiting Havana.

Hostels in Old Havana Cuba tend to be busier and a little more party-focused. Hostels in Vedado tend to be more laid back and with smaller dorm sizes and more private rooms.

Check out our ultimate guide to where to stay in Havana for more details about Havana neighborhoods and the best places to stay in Havana.

Keep reading for our top recommendations for hostels in Havana, and some of the other budget accommodation options you can find in Havana!

What to Pack for Cuba

Check out our Ultimate Cuba Packing List to help you pack for your trip – we’re sharing exactly what to bring to Cuba and what we never travel without.

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Hostal Red Havana

Hostal Red is our recommendation for the best hostel in the Vedado neighborhood of Havana.

While you’re probably interested in spending time in Old Havana and getting to know this beautiful part of the city, Vedado is where we generally recommend that visitors stay when visiting Havana.

The lively Vedado neighborhood is filled with restaurants, bars, and things you’ll generally want to do in the evening, making it a perfect place to stay.

Hostal Red, besides being known for being spotlessly clean and having delicious breakfast, is known for having owners and staff and go far out of their way to make you feel comfortable and informed about the city.

It helps make this hostel in Havana one of the best you’ll find anywhere and tops the list for best hostels in Havana Cuba. You’ll feel at home the second you walk in the door.

Hostal Red – Reviews & Availability

Hostel Mango Habana Vieja

Hostel Mango Habana Vieja is our top recommendation for one of the best hostels in Old Havana Cuba. Hostel Mango offers a laid-back atmosphere and extremely helpful staff that will help you get to know the city.

This hostel is located in the center of Old Havana, so you’ll never be more than a few blocks away from anything you’d want to do or see.

This Havana hostel is also very spacious with plenty of common spaces to enjoy, including a large living room and giant terrace with hammocks to enjoy the fresh air and breeze.

Free kitchen access, large lockers, and luggage storage options make this space the perfect place in Old Havana to get to know the city.

Hostel Mango Habana Vieja – Reviews & Availability

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Cuba 58 Hostel

You will not find a better location in Havana than this! Located in Old Havana facing the Malecón sea wall, Cuba 58 Hostel is just steps away from all the best things to do in Havana and is definitely a favorite among all Havana hostels.

Cuba 58 Hostel has a very social atmosphere that makes it very easy to meet and socialize with other travelers – many visitors end up getting to know the city and traveling Cuba together.

Cuba 58 Hostel also goes out of its way to help visitors enjoy the city, offering tons of recommendations of tours and experiences in the city and throughout Cuba, as well as offering free salsa classes. With breakfast included in the price, this place is a steal.

Easily one of the hostels in Havana worth considering, especially if you’re looking for a social atmosphere and great location!

Cuba 58 Hostel – Reviews & Availability

Paradise Hostel

While not as much of a party hostel as Cuba 58 Hostel- you’ll be able to enjoy without too much noise! – Paradise Hostel has a massive rooftop terrace and bar as well as a large common area where you can make your own party with friends.

Hostels in Cuba, and especially in Havana, don’t generally have this much private rooftop or terrace space, so this helps set Paradise Hostel apart!

Located in Centro Habana – between the livelier and more touristed neighborhoods of Vedado and Old Havana, you’ll be a bit more reliant on taxis or longer walks to get to the areas of the city that are likely to interest you. However, with dorm prices of just $7 a night, Paradise Hostel is a steal.

Paradise Hostel – Reviews & Availability

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Travel Essential

Don’t think about traveling to Cuba without a good VPN (Virtual Private Network). Using a VPN while connecting to the internet is an easy way to keep your personal information safe from hackers and trackers. We’ve used NordVPN for years and couldn’t recommend it more – it’s a must for safety online, especially in Cuba. 

No Limits Hostel

Located just a few blocks away from the Malecón sea wall and the central 23rd Street at the heart of the lively Vedado neighborhood, you’ll find plenty to do and see within just a few blocks of No Limits Hostel.

You won’t miss being in Old Havana and will have just as much to experience in the evening, if not more. Taxis are inexpensive and you’ll get to Old Havana in ten minutes or so.

Plus, there is an incredible view overlooking the city and ocean from some of the bedrooms and common spaces… and a balcony!

Breakfast is not included in the price of No Limits, but is available on request. We love that this Havana hostel is relaxed and friendly, and feels private but with the support of staff and other travelers to help you make the most out of your stay.

No Limit Hostel – Reviews & Availability

Enzo’s Backpackers

A small Havana hostel with space for just 8 people, Enzo’s Backpackers offers the benefits of a hostel with the ability to socialize and meet other travelers while ensuring you’ll also have space and time to yourself, and quiet to sleep.

Strong air conditioning, incredibly friendly and helpful staff, and inexpensive private rooms starting at just $12 per room help this place stand out from the rest.

Located a bit further away from the center of the action, near the Plaza de la Revolución, staying at Enzo’s Backpackers will put you closer in touch with more off-the-beaten-path locations, and just a few minutes from Old Havana and Vedado by taxi mean you’ll still be able to check everything off your must-see list.

Enzo’s Backpackers – Reviews & Availability

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Best Budget Rentals – Casas Particulares

While hostels in Havana are fantastic budget options, there are many very inexpensive private options available across the city as well.

With the low price of home and apartment rentals in Cuba, I’d be remiss if I didn’t throw some recommendations for private rentals your way.

If you’re looking for privacy on a budget, you’ve picked a great place to visit by choosing Cuba.

What is a Casa Particular?

Casa particular means “private home” in Spanish and refers to rental rooms and homes in Cuba, which have been some of the most popular places for travelers to stay long before Airbnb or other similar rental platforms were around.

Now many casas particulares are rented on the Airbnb platform in Cuba, though I always recommend looking around at other booking platforms like Hostelworld Cuba or for some fantastic options.

Rentals in homes come in every variety you can imagine – you can rent a room in a family’s home and stay there with them, you can rent an independent apartment, an entire rental home, or a room within a home with several rooms for rent.  

Hostels vs. Casas Particulares

The prevalence of cheap, private room rentals in Cuba has led to fewer hostels in Havana in comparison to many major cities.

However, those who would normally stay at a hostel in Havana can enjoy more privacy for just about the same amount of money.

The cost of a basic, spartan, no-frills room is a casa particular start around $25-30, especially in the Centro Havana neighborhood between the two neighborhoods tourists frequency – Vedado and Old Havana.

Prices for a basic room in the neighborhoods most tourists want to frequent are higher now, starting at $30. If you’re willing to find transportation, the residential neighborhoods of Havana have deals as well.

We’ve stayed for weeks in prior trips to the island in a large, nice room in 10 de Octubre for less than that, with breakfast included.

When looking for a place to stay in Cuba, I recommend checking out some listings of private rentals, just to see what you can get at a budget price instead of a Havana hostel.

Especially if you’re traveling with at least one other person, selecting a low-price and basic casa particular can equal out to be about the same price, or less, than a hostel in Havana.

Best Budget Casas Particulares

Casa Habana Blues 1940

The colorful and friendly Casa Habana Blues 1940 is a great budget private option in Havana. This casa particular has four large, private rooms that share a large common space, kitchen, and patio that offer privacy on a budget, but with the amenities of a totally private apartment rental.

Located in the Centro Habana neighborhood between the most touristed Vedado and Old Havana, you might have to walk a bit further or be a bit more reliant on taxis to more around, but you’ll save a lot on accommodations over these areas.

Casa Habana Blues 1940 – Reviews & Availability

La Española

La Española is a basic (and a bit out-dated!) but well-equipped casa particular with a helpful owner who will make you feel at home. With air conditioning, private bathrooms, kitchen access, and balconies, the space can’t be beat, especially for such a low nightly price.

Like Casa Habana Blues 1940, this guesthouse is in Centro Habana, so you’ll be a longer walk or short taxi ride away from the more touristed Vedado or Old Havana neighborhoods.

However, Centro Habana is a bustling and exciting neighborhood that will let you get more of a glimpse into the daily life of Cubans.

La Española – Reviews & Availability

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Hostel Essentials in Cuba

If you’re new to hostels or you’ve used them forever, you’ll know that there is some special travel gear specific to hostels that you should make sure you bring to make your hostel experience even better.

Must-Haves for Hostels in Cuba

Waterproof Slides

A must for hostel bathrooms, flip-flops or waterproof slides will also come in handy for your trip to the beach or morning run to the corner for coffee.

I love these slides from Birkenstock because they’re sturdy enough to use when walking around the city and sightseeing, too.

Travel Electricity Adapter / Converter

Some buildings in Cuba use 110V electricity, while others use 220V, and I’ve seen a variety of plug and outlet types at different places I’ve stayed in Cuba, so it’s important to come prepared with an all-in-one electricity solution for visiting Cuba.

This one from Bestek is our personal favorite because it also serves as a charging station with all its USB outlets and plugs, letting you charge all your gear at once.

Eye Mask

Of course, an eye mask is a must for hostels, when you never know what sleep schedule your roommates might be on.

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