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Where to Stay in Havana (+ BEST Havana Neighborhoods)

The last few years have seen an explosion in the quantity and quality of accommodation options in Havana, Cuba.  Now, wherever you go in the city you’ll find Airbnbs, hotels at every price point, and even hostels in Havana!

Visitors used to be limited to a few overpriced hotels and a few private rentals – the casa particular Cuba has always been known for – but now there are so many great options.

In this ultimate guide to where to stay in Havana, we’re sharing the best areas to stay in Havana for travelers – and the best places to stay in Havana Cuba at every price point.

Plus, keep reading for our map of Havana neighborhoods, local recommendations, and why Havana’s many casas particulares (private home rentals) are the best pick when deciding where to stay in Havana!

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Havana Neighborhoods

Havana is divided into several different municipalities that cover a large area. The center of the city is located along the port of Havana and the area closest to the Malecón sea wall.

Most travelers will spend time exploring the Old Havana and Vedado neighborhoods of the city, by far the city’s most beautiful and lively areas with the most to see and do for visitors.

Old Havana

The old architecture you’re picturing in Havana! This is the original area of the city where you’ll see colonial landmarks, churches, and fortresses.

There is plenty to see and do around every corner, as this is where most travelers explore. Be respectful when wandering amongst the buildings and exploring side streets – people live here!

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Home to the rich and famous and some of the most beautiful mansions in the city, this area is popular for having tons of restaurants, bars, and clubs and being a very lively place to visit in the evening. This is where to stay in Havana Cuba if you’re looking forward to the nightlife!

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Centro Habana

Between Old Havana and Vedado, Centro Habana is close to everything, but mostly a residential area in the middle of the city. Here you’ll find some conveniently located and inexpensive accommodations, but without as much style as you’d find in Old Havana or Vedado.


Defined as the area surrounding the famed Plaza de la Revolución, this is another area to find less expensive accommodation while staying relatively close to all the things to see and do. 


Home to mansions turned embassies, Cuba’s rich and famous, and more. Here you’ll find some of Havana’s biggest hotels and all-inclusive resorts with pools if you’re looking for this type of accommodation. There isn’t much to see or do here for travelers.

Some of the city’s other largest neighborhoods include 10 de Octubre and Regla. There isn’t much to bring travelers out this way in general.

However, if you’re looking for where to stay in Havana for a longer visit – perhaps as a digital nomad in Cuba – I’d recommend those looking at these neighborhoods for lower accommodation costs.

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What to Pack for Cuba

Check out our Ultimate Cuba Packing List to help you pack for your trip – we’re sharing exactly what to bring to Cuba and what we never travel without.

Best Areas to Stay in Havana

When it comes to recommending where to stay in Havana, I almost always recommend that visitors choose to stay in either of these neighborhoods:

  • Old Havana
  • Vedado

These central neighborhoods have so much to see and do, and staying in either of them will guarantee you’re surrounded by shops, restaurants, and attractions to keep you busy. Old Havana and Vedado are easily the best areas to stay in Havana.

Plenty of comfortable accommodations can be found in both Old Havana and Vedado, with options ranging from luxury Havana hotels to the style of apartments for rent in Havana Cuba that have helped grow accommodation options here. Either way, these neighborhoods are full of the best places to stay in Havana.

Check out our ultimate guides to the best apartments for rent in Havana Cuba: the best apartment rentals in Vedado and the best apartment rentals in Old Havana for our top picks!

If you’re traveling on a tight budget, consider taking a look at casa particular apartment rentals in the Centro Habana neighborhood.

On a Havana neighborhood map, you’ll find Centro Habana is located directly between Old Havana and Vedado. It is much more residential and local – you’ll find less to see and do immediately around you, but you’ll still be close by to the best parts of the city.

Map of Havana Neighborhoods

Take a look at this interactive map of Havana neighborhoods to get an idea of the best area to stay in Havana for your trip and explore Havana neighborhoods.

Click and zoom in to see more!

Where to Stay in Havana Cuba

After narrowing down which neighborhood you’ll want to stay in during your travel to Havana, next comes the even more challenging part: determining which type of accommodation you want to stay in!

Havana has accommodation options at every price point and in every style, with most falling into these categories: hotels, “casas particulares” (or, private home/apartment rentals, rented mostly through Airbnb or other booking platforms), and hostels.

Keep reading or jump ahead in this article to these sections to learn more and see our favorite recommendations:

  • Casas Particulares / Airbnbs
  • Hotels
  • Hostels

We really recommend that travelers look at staying in a casa particular while in Cuba, whether it is rented through Airbnb or other booking platforms online! In terms of cost, the cultural connection you’ll experience while in Cuba, and social impact, staying in a casa particular is the absolute best option, hands down.

Airbnbs in Havana Cuba

Airbnbs are some of the most popular accommodations in Cuba – you will find tons of options at every price point, and save a ton of money over the cost of a hotel while having a much more engaging cultural experience – they’re some of the best places to stay in Havana.

Long before Airbnb began allowing booking in Cuba, Cuba had a number of room and home rental offerings. Airbnb’s Cuba launch drove some of these listings onto that platform.

However, many more listings remain on websites that helped build the rental market in the first place (like Hotels.com).

Casas particulares now serves as a handy umbrella term for private apartment and home rentals in Cuba offered on Airbnb and other websites as well.

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Casa Particular Cuba

“Casas particulares” – plural for a “casa particular” – have long been where to stay in Havana Cuba, and their popularity continues to increase as more open across the city. This accommodation style offers something for everyone, and at prices that are generally much more affordable than comparable hotels.

What is a Casa Particular?

Casas particulares, or “private homes” in English, are the Cuban equivalent of bed and breakfasts, or home or room rentals.

Every rental is different – some work more like a bed and breakfast with a number of rooms for rent for different travelers, while others are single private rooms in someone’s home or private houses.

Whatever you’re looking for in a rental you will certainly find it – with the growth of this industry in the last few years there are more opportunities than ever to find exactly where to stay in Havana for the best experience.

You can also feel good about where your money is going as well – directly into the hands of a small business owner in Cuba – the owner of your property – rather than the executives of a hotel chain in Cuba or abroad.

You’ll also get a cultural experience that you just won’t be able to find anywhere else. In many stays, you’ll be able to meet the owner when you check-in and they can get advice about the best places to eat nearby, things to do in Havana, etc.

Book a Casa Particular

There are plenty of platforms for renting casas particulares in Havana and throughout Cuba. Of course, Airbnb is a great option, but I also recommend checking out the listing on other platforms as well.

I always have the best luck with finding the best prices in Cuba – even for the same room as on Airbnb! – by using Hotels.com. There are duplicate Airbnb Havana listings on Hotels.com and of other apartments for rent in Havana Cuba, but at better prices.

For the lowest-price casa particular options, you can find listings on Hostelworld. While I normally use this platform for the best deals on – of course – hostels, the platform has opened itself up to some private listings as well.

Many of the listings for casas particulares on Hostelworld tend to be those where you can book a private room in an apartment that may have other rooms available to book as well, and share a common kitchen and living space.

Travel Essential

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Casa Particular Prices

Rooms generally start around $25 or $30 for a basic room, and can go up to $250+ for a luxury stay or the rental of an entire house. On trips back and forth to the island, we’ve stayed in simple but clean and welcoming $15/night rooms in houses near family members.

There are also luxurious, colonial mansions for rent with swimming pools and all – easily some of the best places to stay in Havana. Whatever you’re looking for you will find in a room or home rental in Cuba.

Make sure to check out our complete guide to the best casas particulares in Old Havana and the best casas particulares in the Vedado neighborhood of Havana!

I fully realized the absolutely incomparable value of staying in a casa particular in Cuba when my family and I took a trip to Cuba for the first time after José and I got married.

We rented the huge, ornate Colonial House in Vedado for the five of us, near the park and the Malecón with three bedrooms, a massive veranda, kitchen, a bathroom for each bedroom…and it was only around $175 a night for the house all to ourselves. Definitely check this place out as well – it’s an Airbnb Havana gem!

Compare that to the cost of even a single room in even moderately-priced Havana hotels and you’ll see that there is a lot of value to be had by staying in a casa particular.

Truly, the cost of casas particulares in comparison to Havana hotels cannot be beaten! From the most basic accommodations to the most luxurious, these are the best places to stay in Havana Cuba.

The Best Casas Particulares Havana

When asked where to stay in Havana, we always recommend choosing a casa particular Havana is so known for. Where there are seemingly infinite great options for casas particulares in Havana, these are just a few of our favorites.

They offer great hospitality and style, and are in some of the best neighborhoods of Havana, all for an incredible price.

La Terraza del Prado ($)

You won’t find a better location or more impressive view than you will at the small bed and breakfast La Terraza del Prado. La Terraza del Prado is located directly on Prado, one of Old Havana’s most stunning streets.

This historic building will really make you feel like you’ve arrived in Cuba! Rooms are colorful yet simple, but the true star is the balcony overlooking the city and the friendly hosts.

Casa Flamboyan ($ – $$)

This breezy home in the Vedado neighborhood turned lovely casa particular is so charming and dreamy. Just look at the rockers on the patio…and there’s a terrace, too! Casa Flamboyan is comfortable, homey, and very well located.

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Casa Mi Tierra ($$)

Casa Mi Tierra is a lovely bed and breakfast in Old Havana, with a great location and that typical Cuban charm. Check out our Havana neighborhoods map to see how well located this apartment is! Breakfast is included, and has three guest rooms available for rent if you’re traveling with a group as well!

Hotels in Havana Cuba

Cuba has added some really beautiful, modern new hotels in Havana in the past few years, and there is a lot to discover.

The policy changes of the Obama administration in part started bringing a lot of excitement to Havana for change, and new hotels and hotel upgrades came with it.

It is important to keep in mind that Americans are not allowed to stay in many hotels during their time in Cuba, per U.S. government regulations. This limitation is placed on Americans by the U.S. government – Cuba couldn’t care less who stays there. Keep this in mind before booking your accommodation if you hold a U.S. passport.

Luxury Hotels in Havana

There are three sparkling new luxury hotels in Havana located along the ocean and the center of the Old Havana that are really stunning.

The rooms are incredibly luxurious and beautiful, but the hotels are also great places to spend time even if you’re not a guest.

Each has a rooftop bar perfect for sunset cocktails (seriously…this is where you’ll catch us on a date night, and one of our recommendations for a fun evening out in Havana!), each with its own incredible view over the city.

Gran Hotel Manzana Kempinski ($$$)

This is was the first of the three new luxury hotels in Havana, and my personal favorite for its view of Old Havana, including the Capitolio, the beautifully-restored Gran Teatro de la Habana, and more.

It feels like an oasis in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city, and is a favorite at all times of the day.

Iberostar Grand Packard ($$$)

The Packard has an incredible view of the Paseo del Prado pedestrian walkway and street below, as well as looking out over the Morro fortress and the bay of Havana. Its design also keeps the bar area shaded most of the day, so it’s a great place to stop midday for a break and a snack or drink in style.

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Royalton Habana ($$$)

This is the newest of the luxury hotels in Old Havana, located right on the Malecón sea wall with an expansive view of the sea and the Morro fortress across the bay. This is where you want to be for the best sunset view over the ocean and west part of the city as it arches along the coast.

Boutique Hotels in Havana

Beyond the brand new, luxury hotels in Old Havana, there is a nice selection of boutique hotels cropping up. Not only are these boutique hotels less expensive than the traditional luxury hotels I’ve mentioned, but they are also much more charming.

With fewer rooms and a cozier atmosphere, you’ll also get much more of an opportunity to connect with staff and other travelers to get the best tips about what to in the city and the rest of Cuba.

Often built in restored colonial mansions, Havana’s boutique hotels will let you feel like you’ve stepped back in time to live in the history of the city for the duration of your stay. These are some of our favorite boutique hotels in Havana!

La Rosa de Ortega ($$)

La Rosa de Ortega is an oasis is located about 10 minutes away from Old Havana and Vedado by taxi, but gives you the benefit of getting to know a more local, off-the-beaten-path Havana.

Steps away from where José grew up, maybe we’ll run into you in the neighborhood.

This is one of the best hotels in Havana Cuba – boutique hotel or otherwise! – to combine history with modern elements – like the pool!

Residencia Santa Clara ($$)

This incredible boutique hotel is one of the most unique in Havana, awarded and featured for its modern architecture among Havana’s colonial buildings. This hotel stands apart for its beautiful and comfortable rooms as well as its welcoming bar and cafe downstairs, perfect for ending a night in Havana.

Plus, Residencia Santa Clara is in the best neighborhood to stay in Havana for exploring the old city.

Best Hotels in Havana Cuba

These are some of the best hotels in Havana Cuba and the ones that we love the most! More than just beautiful accommodations these hotels offer a genuine and welcoming experience in Havana. The staff are incredible and will show you the true Havana.

El Candil Boutique Hotel ($$ – $$$)

Another example of an immaculately converted colonial mansion in Vedado, El Candil Boutique Hotel has all the modern amenities you could want. You can not beat this location in the Vedado neighborhood either – another one of the best places to stay in Havana Cuba!

La Reserva Vedado ($$)

One of the most beautifully renovated colonial mansions turned hotels in Havana, in my opinion, is La Reserva Vedado. Each room is unique and charming, and you’ll definitely make use of the lounge and garden for a sunset drink or morning coffee. Easily one of the best places to stay in Havana Cuba!

Hostels in Havana

With such a great selection of inexpensive yet beautiful casas particulares for rent in Havana, hostels are not as common here as they are in many other major cities.

Often splitting a private room with just one travel companion in a basic private rental will be just as cheap or only slightly more expensive than dorm beds in a hostel.

However, there are some fantastic options for those looking for hostels in Havana, and dorm beds tend to be quite inexpensive, generally starting at $6 and going up to $13 for smaller rooms or hostels with more amenities.

Best Hostels in Havana

These are some of our favorite Havana hostels for their incredible locations, views, and perks like breakfast included. If you’re looking for a where to stay in Havana Cuba on a budget, make sure you check out our review of the best hostels in Havana, including booking tips and tricks for Cuba!

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Hostel Mango Habana Cuba ($)

Hostel Mango is perfectly located in the middle of Old Havana, in the best neighborhood to stay in Havana – you’ll never be more than a few blocks away from anything you’d want to do or see.

The hostel also has plenty of common spaces to enjoy, including a giant terrace with hammocks, which always makes for a great hostel, in my book!

No Limit Hostel ($)

No Limit Hostel is another fantastic example of Havana hostels – this one is located in Vedado, so you’ll be close to plenty of restaurants and bars to enjoy the evening.

Located several floors up, the hostel has some incredible balconies and views over the city that are worth the price of the stay themselves.

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