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Cuba Visas: Cuba Tourist Visa Guide, From A Pro [2024]

Planning on traveling to Cuba? It’s important to know that almost every visitor to Cuba needs a Cuba tourist visa or a Cuban tourist card, which must be obtained prior to arrival on the island. But how to get it?

As a long-time Cuba visitor turned expat, I’ve navigated the Cuban visa process many times – certainly, more times than I would have liked to! Read on for all the details on the easiest (and cheapest) ways to get your Cuban tourist visa – plus the travelers who need an even more specialized visa to Cuba.

cuba visa

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Cuba Visa

Almost every traveler to Cuba will need to have a Cuban tourist visa when they arrive in the country. Also known as a Cuban tourist card or Cuba travel card, the Cuba tourist visa is something that every non-Cuban traveler will need to present this tourist visa at immigration when entering and exiting Cuba. This is one of the most crucial entry requirements for Cuba.

Only Cuban citizens and travelers with other types of Cuban visas (like student visas, business visas, or permanent residency) will not need to present a Cuban tourist visa upon arrival in Cuba.

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Cuba Entry Requirements

A tourist visa to Cuba is one of the entry requirements for visiting the country, but only a very limited few will need to apply for a Cuban visa with their Cuban embassy in advance. Most travelers simply need to purchase their Cuban tourist visas before arriving in Cuba.

Those who must apply for a tourist visa in advance are from a select few Asian and African countries – that list can be found here. Check out this account from an Indian blogger about special requirements and procedures for the Cuba visa requirements for Indian citizens.

Most travelers to Cuba simply need to book their arline tickets to Cuba and purchase their Cuban tourist visa before arriving in Cuba, whether from an online visa service (we have used and recommend EasyTouristVisa!) or directly from their airline.

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Cuban Tourist Visa

Cuban tourist visas are required for most travelers to Cuba who are not Cuban citizens or don’t have another visa status in Cuba (a student visa, permanent residency, etc). Thankfully, visas to travel to Cuba are very easy to get. Most travelers to Cuba get their Cuba visa before they travel, either online through the EasyTouristVisa website or from their airline, if possible.

Since there is no option for a Cuba visa on arrival, you’ll have to get your visa before you land in the country.

Types of Cuban Tourist Visas

Pink Tourist Visas

Pink tourist visas are required for travelers arriving in Cuba on a flight from the United States (regardless of whether the traveler is a citizen of the United States or another country). Pink tourist visas generally cost between $50-110.

Green Tourist Visas

Green tourist visas are for travelers arriving in Cuba from any country other than the United States. These green tourist visas generally cost between $20-50.

How Much Does a Cuba Tourist Visa Cost

The Cuban tourist visa does not have one fixed price – it varies depending on how and where you get it. The cost of a Cuban tourist visa also varies based on which type of tourist visa for Cuban you’ll need – either a pink tourist visa or a green tourist visa.

If ordering your visa online from EasyTouristVisa, make sure you select the correct visa type – either pink or green – depending on where you’ll be traveling from. Prompts on the website will guide you to make the right choice if you have any questions.

If you will be purchasing your tourist visa from your airline prior to departure, they’ll be prepared to offer you the visa color you’ll need.

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How To Get a Cuban Visa

There are several ways to get the Cuban tourist visa card required before you arrive in Cuba – some more challenging than others. You can get yours one of three ways:

Cuba Visa Online

Cuba does not currently offer an online “e-visa” version of the tourist visa. You must have an official, physical tourist visa that you will present in immigration when arriving in the country.

However, you can obtain the Cuban visa online before your trip and have it sent to your home before you travel. I recommend looking into EasyTouristVisa as the most convenient way to get your tourist visa!

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Cuba Visa from Airlines

Another way to get a Cuban tourist visa card is directly from the airline that will take you to Cuba. Each airline is responsible for making sure its travelers have a tourist visa before boarding a flight to Cuba, so they’ll generally offer the Cuban tourist visa for sale.

Most airlines offer these tourist visas for sale through their website after booking, and others may offer them prior to boarding the plane.

  • American Airlines: The Cuban tourist visa from American Airlines costs $85 if purchased online through the airline prior to your flight or $125 if purchased at the airport during check-in or at your departure gate.
  • Delta: The Cuban tourist visa from Delta costs $85 and can be purchased during check-in or at your departure gate.
  • Copa Airlines: The Cuban tourist visa from Copa Airlines costs either $20 or $30, depending on your departure airport.
  • Air Canada: Air Canada is an airline that includes the cost of the Cuba visa in the price of its ticket. Tourist cards are distributed to passengers in-flight, along with the customs and immigration forms you’ll need when you arrive in Cuba.

Cuba Visa From A Cuban Embassy

A final way to secure your Cuban tourist visa prior to traveling to Cuba is through your nearest Cuban embassy. Visit the website of the Cuban embassy in your country of origin to determine how to apply for a Cuban tourist visa from your embassy.

Generally, I don’t recommend this method of obtaining a Cuban tourist visa. This tends to be a more challenging and time-consuming way to go about what is a straightforward and simple process with EasyTouristVisa or through your airline.

Remember, it’s only required that you pre-apply for a Cuban tourist visa through an embassy if you’re from a small list of Asian and African countries. If you aren’t from one of these countries you’re free to purchase your tourist visa card online or through your airline.

What to Pack for Cuba

Check out our Ultimate Cuba Packing List to help you pack for your trip – we’re sharing exactly what to bring to Cuba and what we never travel without.

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Cuba Visas – FAQ

Do Americans Need a Visa for Cuba?

Yes! Citizens of the United States need a tourist visa for Cuba. The government of Cuba requires that ALL non-Cuban visitors to the island have a tourist visa – also known as a tourist card – before arriving. There is no special Cuba visa for Americans; everyone needs the same tourist visa!

Special regulations restricting the travel of citizens of the United States to Cuba come from the government of the United States, not the government of Cuba. In the eyes of the government of Cuba, travelers from the United States are the same as travelers from any other country.

What is the Difference Between a Tourist Visa and a Tourist Card?

What is the difference between the Cuban tourist visa and the Cuban tourist card? There is none – many people refer to the Cuban tourist visa as the Cuban tourist card, or even the Cuban travel card. Confusingly, these different phrases all refer to the same document.

The tourist visa to Cuba and the “Cuban tourist card” are the same thing – no need to worry about the use of multiple different names to describe the same document. One will suffice.

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