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Travel Insurance for Cuba: Demystifying Travel Insurance Cuba Requirements

Did you know that ALL visitors to Cuba must have proof of comprehensive insurance coverage for Cuba to enter the country? Many travelers planning a trip to Cuba are left frantically messaging us “what travel insurance do I need for Cuba?!?!” once they’ve already started planning their trip.

While meeting the requirement for health insurance for Cuba isn’t a hassle, it’s important to understand the requirements before you arrive in Cuba, so you avoid unexpected expenses and hassles once you arrive.

Keep reading our guide to the easiest (and least expensive!) way to find the travel insurance Cuba requires. Plus, we’re covering healthcare in Cuba for tourists and the options for medical insurance to Cuba for US citizens.

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Do I Need Insurance for Cuba?

Yes, you need insurance for Cuba. Proof of insurance coverage is required for all travelers to Cuba! Since 2010, Cuba has required that all visitors to the country have insurance coverage that would cover any potential medical expenses that could arise during their time in Cuba.

Cuba travel insurance proof must be available to immigration officers when being stamped into the country. Thankfully, most insurance plans that cover Cuba travel are quite affordable and won’t significantly affect your travel budget.

However, the vast majority of travel insurance companies do not cover Cuba insurance plans. To complicate matters even further, many that do cover trips to Cuba do not cover American citizens traveling to Cuba.

Medical insurance to Cuba for US citizens is only offered by a few companies. If you regularly purchase travel insurance, or even if you have long-term travel insurance, don’t expect your usual company of choice to be able to cover you as they normally do!

Thankfully there are a few fantastic companies that offer easy and inexpensive travel insurance for Cuba, so once you know where to look, you’ll find some great options.

For most travelers headed to Cuba, we recommend Visitors Coverage travel insurance. Visitors Coverage offers flexible and affordable travel insurance policies that cover all travelers – even travelers from the United States! – and go above and beyond the requirements for entering the country.

Travel Insurance Cuba

Many airlines will ask when booking a ticket if you have health insurance for Cuba that covers your stay and remind you that it is necessary to have it before departing. If you’re not required to show proof of insurance to book a ticket, you may be reminded of the requirement when booking a flight.

Some airlines have offered medical insurance coverage for travelers to Cuba as part of the price of a ticket, though these regulations change frequently.

If you’re unsure if your airline ticket covers the cost of Cuba travel insurance, I recommend getting an inexpensive travel insurance plan from Visitors Coverage for added support and security, plus all the travel benefits that travel insurance can cover.

This will also save you a headache when you pass through immigration!

Cuba Travel Insurance Proof

Travelers must have proof of insurance for Cuba when arriving in the country and should be prepared to show it when passing through immigration.

Immigration is not always consistent in asking visitors to present this information – I am occasionally asked for proof of health insurance for Cuba when entering Cuba, but other times it isn’t mentioned!

Regardless, you shouldn’t take a chance and arrive in Cuba without a Cuban health insurance plan that covers you, and proof of coverage. If you arrive without it, you will be forced to purchase a local policy at whatever the cost or you could be denied admission to Cuba.

What Travel Insurance Do I Need for Cuba?

There are no specific requirements for types of documents that demonstrate proof of health coverage – a copy of your policy should be more than enough.

There is also no specific coverage amount required for admission – as long as your policy covers medical and health expenses in Cuba, it is acceptable.

Cuba does not maintain a list of accepted companies to meet their insurance, so make sure that your insurance plan shows that it covers you while in Cuba.

Make sure to bring Cuba travel insurance proof (a hard copy or a digital copy of your plan is fine – but make sure it’s downloaded before you land!) that clearly shows coverage for health expenses and healthcare in Cuba for tourists for the duration of your time in Cuba.

Health Insurance for Cuba

Cuba’s requirement that visitors to the island are insured for any potential medical expenses that may arise during travel specifically focuses on health coverage.

Even if you have private health insurance at home, you can not assume that your home health insurance covers you in Cuba – it is very rare that domestic healthcare plans cover international travel, and even less common that they function as Cuban health insurance.

The easiest way to cover this requirement is by purchasing a Visitors Coverage travel insurance plan that covers potential medical expenses that could be incurred in an emergency.

These short-term health insurance plans for Cuba give you the coverage you need to enter the country, but they also provide the extra benefits that come with travel insurance plans.

Healthcare in Cuba for Tourists

Healthcare in Cuba is considered quite good should you need it, and it is readily available to all. Cuba is more frequently becoming a destination for healthcare “tourism” for those from other countries looking for more affordable yet quality procedures.

Healthcare is provided free of charge to all Cubans but is not freely provided for foreigners. Cuba also designates certain clinics and hospitals as those that foreigners are able to use.

Foreigners generally can not be attended by the average physician in Cuba, so walking into any clinic you come across while in Cuba won’t be an option – though staff there should know where to point you.

In Havana, most foreigners are attended at these locations:

  • Clínica Central Cira Garcia in the Miramar neighborhood.
  • Hospital Hermanos Ameijeiras in Central Havana along the Malecón.

Many larger hotels and resorts provide services of doctors that can make visits to their guests or will be able to point to medical care should you need it. Travel insurance Cuba plans, including those from Visitors Coverage, will generally cover this even if you don’t have to leave your hotel!

Plus, even if you’re staying in a rental apartment, the host should always be able to direct you to assistance.

Travel Insurance for Cuba

While Cuba doesn’t specifically require a travel insurance policy (rather than other medical insurance policies), choosing a travel insurance policy that covers health and medical expenses in case of an emergency while traveling is the best way to meet health insurance requirements.

These travel insurance for Cuba policies provide you with the coverage you need and more.

Travel insurance policies also give you additional protection that can make or break your trip. Most policies include reimbursement for canceled or delayed trips, covering things like stolen travel gear in case of a robbery, and much more.

What to Pack for Cuba

Check out our Ultimate Cuba Packing List to help you pack for your trip – we’re sharing exactly what to bring to Cuba and what we never travel without.

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Booking Cuba Travel Insurance


  • Don’t assume that coverage that comes standard with your travel credit card will cover you – most of these policies do not cover travel insurance for Cuba, specifically! Cuba is a unique travel destination and comes with some challenges, travel insurance being one of them.
  • Don’t wait to book last minute with the travel insurance company you normally use when traveling – only a few select insurance companies cover travel to Cuba.
  • Check out Visitors Coverage for the best travel insurance for Cuba: they offer coverage for travelers from all countries!

Best Travel Insurance for Cuba

Of the few travel insurance companies that provide coverage for travel to Cuba, we always recommend travelers start by checking out Visitors Coverage. This travel insurance company is well respected, has a great range of policies for all budgets and needs, and has fantastic customer service.

If you don’t choose Visitors Coverage, make sure before booking that you select a travel insurance plan that covers people from your country of residency – there are more coverage limitations on travelers from the United States (and some from Canada as well).

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What to Pack for Cuba

Check out our Ultimate Cuba Packing List to help you pack for your trip – we’re sharing exactly what to bring to Cuba and what we never travel without.

Visitors Coverage

Visitors Coverage is a fantastic company with nearly 20 years of experience. Not only do they offer a variety of plans for covering your trip to Cuba, but their website is extremely user-friendly!

Travel insurance can sometimes be confusing or dense, but they make it so easy and straightforward. You can get quotes in just a few minutes – it’s a breeze.

Visitors Coverage covers both American citizens and citizens from other countries and offers a variety of different travel insurance Cuba options that are easy to choose from. Visitors Coverage is by far my favorite choice for Americans and Canadians traveling to Cuba.

Medical Insurance to Cuba for US Citizens

You may be asked questions when purchasing about your travel plans to Cuba if you are traveling from the United States. Specifically, you may be asked whether your travel is “approved” or “legal.”

For more on the twelve categories of authorized travel for American citizens, check out our article Can Americans Travel to Cuba? for more about legal travel to Cuba.

The most common type of approved travel to Cuba for American citizens is called “Support for the Cuban People” travel. You can simply state this as your reason for travel to Cuba if asked about the purpose of travel when purchasing insurance.

For Americans looking for the best travel insurance for Cuba, Visitors Coverage is by far the best bet. Very, very few companies cover travel to Cuba, so Visitors Coverage is your best option!