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15 Best Hotels in Havana: A Local’s Guide for Travelers [2024]

Good news: in the past decade, there has been incredible growth in both the quantity and quality of Havana hotels, meaning that travelers are spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing where to stay in Havana. From gleaming, modern “city resorts” with all the amenities to tiny boutique hotels in restored, historic mansions, there is just so much to choose from.

Our updated local guide to the best hotels in Havana includes all the best places to stay in the city. We’ve chosen from among the newest modern Havana hotels you haven’t heard of yet and the most storied and historic hotels in Old Havana – whichever hotel you choose, you’re in for a memorable trip to Havana!

hotels in havana
Courtesy of Hotel Palacio Cueto

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Best Hotels in Havana

From oceanfront resorts in Havana to the lovingly restored, majestic properties that allow guests to savor the history of the city, there’s a lot to choose from when it comes to Havana hotels. These are our recommendations for the best hotels in Havana for every style of travel:

Looking for something different out of your stay? We always recommend that travelers consider staying in a private guesthouse, called a casa particular, if they’re open to the experience! These rentals are like Airbnb, though they’ve been popular in Cuba for decades longer than Airbnb has existed.

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Iberostar Grand Packard
Courtesy of Iberostar Grand Packard

Havana Hotels

1. Iberostar Grand Packard

Best Modern Luxury Hotel in Havana

A number of new, modern hotels have opened in the heart of Havana within the last decade, and Iberostar Grand Packard is our top pick among them. Wedged between the Malecón sea wall and one of the city’s most beloved pedestrian thoroughfares, the Paseo del Prado, this gorgeous hotel offers luxury accommodations with easy access to the best of the city.

The beautiful decor, spacious rooms, and friendly service at Iberostar Grand Packard set it apart from the rest for a luxurious but comfortable guest experience. While a stay at the Iberostar Grand Packard isn’t all-inclusive, it feels a bit like a city resort, with plenty of amenities for guests, like an intimate spa and great restaurants on the hotel’s first floor and upper levels.

Even if you stay elsewhere during your visit to Havana, make sure to visit the hotel’s covered pool deck with a bar and restaurant for a sunset drink. The views of the fortress of El Morro across Havana’s harbor are spectacular.

Reviews and Bookings: Iberostar Grand Packard

la reserva vedado
Courtesy of La Reserva Vedado

2. La Reserva Vedado

Best Luxury Boutique Hotel in Havana

We can’t say enough good things about La Reserva Vedado, which we consider to be the very best of the luxury boutique hotels in Havana. Step through the door of this restored mansion, and you’ll instantly see why: breathtaking historic details meet thoughtful furnishings for a truly impressive interior, while a spacious garden and backyard bar complete the feel of a peaceful retreat within the city.

It’s boutique Havana hotels like La Reserva Vedado that have travelers falling head over heels for Cuba. The seamless combination of history with fresh, modern details and the impeccable, friendly service of the staff creates a magical travel experience. The location in the heart of the Vedado neighborhood is perfect for enjoying the city’s best cafes, bars, and restaurants.

Reviews and Bookings: La Reserva Vedado

La Rosa de Ortega
Courtesy of La Rosa de Ortega

3. La Rosa de Ortega

Best Authentic, Local Experience in Havana

Located outside of the main tourist areas of Havana, La Rosa de Ortega is our very favorite pick among the best hotels in Havana if you’re looking for a more “authentic” Havana experience. This family-owned and operated spot is truly a historic stunner and offers the very best opportunity to connect with locals and have a more off-the-beaten-path experience in the city.

The boutique La Rosa de Ortega has a beautiful and spacious garden area with a large swimming pool and pool deck that will make you feel like you’re a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the city. Service is personalized and attentive; you’re sure to leave with some new Cuban best friends after your stay.

While La Rosa de Ortega is located in one of the city’s more residential areas, it’s walkable and is less than a 10-minute taxi ride from the neighborhoods of Old Havana and Vedado. Staff can easily organize excursions and tours or offer advice for places to eat and things to do nearby and around the city.

Reviews and Bookings: La Rosa de Ortega

Paseo 206
Courtesy of Paseo 206

4. Paseo 206

Located in a stately mansion in the heart of the Vedado neighborhood, Paseo 206 is one of our favorite hotels in Havana. This historic family home turned boutique hotel is loaded with style and is home to 10 gorgeous rooms, each lovingly and uniquely decorated. Paseo 206 prides itself on friendly, personalized service and seriously delivers.

Paseo 206 is also home to Ecléctico, a stylish Italian restaurant located on the first floor that is truly one of the best places to eat in Havana. There is plenty of indoor and outdoor eating space, and the food couldn’t possibly get more authentic – the owners are a Cuban and Italian couple! We love both Paseo 206 and Ecléctico, and consider it among the best places to stay (and eat!) in Havana.

Reviews and Bookings: Paseo 206

Gran Hotel Manzana Kempinski
Courtesy of Gran Hotel Manzana Kempinski

5. Gran Hotel Manzana Kempinski

One of the new Havana hotels that has been a favorite since its debut, Gran Hotel Manzana Kempinski is a modern hotel built around a historic facade located directly on the Parque Central at the entrance to Old Havana. This 246-room hotel, operated by the Kempinski brand so well-known for its elegance and service, was home to Havana’s first covered shopping arcade, still open on the hotel’s ground floor.

Rooms at the Gran Hotel Manzana Kempinski mix classic and modern styles for luxurious accommodations, but the true highlight is the rooftop bar and restaurant with a stunning infinity pool and absolutely spectacular views. Even travelers who aren’t staying here should visit for a drink at sunset for views over Havana’s most iconic and historic buildings – it’s one of our go-to spots if we’re in Old Havana around happy hour.

Reviews and Bookings: Gran Hotel Manzana Kempinski

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El Candil Boutique Hotel
Courtesy of El Candil Boutique Hotel

6. El Candil Boutique Hotel

Travel back in time with a stay at El Candil Boutique Hotel, one of a handful of impressive, restored mansions in the upscale Vedado neighborhood that make this area one of our favorite places to stay in Havana. This mansion was first constructed in the early 19th century; now, lucky travelers enjoy this quiet location on a tree-lined street near the great shops and restaurants that make the neighborhood such a winner.

El Candil‘s historic and luxurious touches are impressive, yet the hotel maintains a comfortable, welcoming feel. Service is exceptional and all the staff we’ve interacted with are lovely, helping in organizing and coordinating even the smallest detail of a stay. It is historic-meets-modern places like this that make Havana such a special place to visit.

Reviews and Bookings: El Candil Boutique Hotel

Royalton Habana
Courtesy of Royalton Habana

7. Royalton Habana

The modern, upscale Royalton Habana is perched along Havana’s malecón sea wall, offering guests and visitors perhaps the most spectacular location in the entire city for taking in the beauty and allure of Havana. An incredible rooftop space complete with a bar, restaurant, and pool offers views over the ocean and the city that invite travelers to fall in love with Havana all over again.

As one of the newest luxury hotels in Havana, Royalton Habana offers travelers every imaginable convenience and feels more resort-like than most other Old Havana hotels; it’s redefining city luxury in Cuba’s capital. With beautiful decor and welcoming staff, it makes for an unforgettable stay in the city.

Reviews and Bookings: Royalton Habana

residencia santa clara
Courtesy of Residencia Santa Clara

8. Residencia Santa Clara

Quirky, modern design and historic details meet in the heart of Old Havana to create Residencia Santa Clara, a refreshingly cool and unique place in one of the most desirable parts of the city. For travelers looking for a walkable location and thoughtful details without a luxury price tag, it’s absolutely one of our favorite places to recommend in Havana (and one of the best hotels in Cuba).

Residencia Santa Clara is a modern boutique hotel built around a historic facade. Lounges and common spaces include a first-floor bar, popular even with those who aren’t staying here, and the rooftop terrace, which gives glimpses into Old Havana streets and courtyards. Spacious, beautiful rooms open out onto residential streets that will have you feeling at home in no time.

Reviews and Bookings: Residencia Santa Clara

grand aston la habana
Courtesy of Hotel Grand Aston La Habana

9. Hotel Grand Aston La Habana

Recently celebrating the first anniversary of its grand opening, the Hotel Grand Aston La Habana is one of the newest (and buzziest) Havana hotels. Resort-like amenities and services will appeal to travelers looking for city luxury, while its ocean-facing location in the heart of Havana’s beautiful Vedado neighborhood, allows guests to easily explore one of the city’s best neighborhoods.

Hotel Grand Aston La Habana has a sleek, modern design with decor that stays colorful, fresh, and inviting. Ocean views from rooms and from the spacious terrace and pool deck, complete with loungers, sunbeds, a bar, and plenty of space to spread out, are top highlights; you won’t have to leave Havana for the ultimate Cuban resort experience.

Reviews and Bookings: Hotel Grand Aston La Habana

la posada de chacon
Courtesy of La Posada de Chacón

10. La Posada de Chacón

Hidden behind a colorful facade on a quieter yet charming street in Old Havana, La Posada de Chacón is a beautiful little gem of a hotel in the heart of the city. The hotel’s entrance is home to a restaurant and bar (with great food!), while just beyond awaits a boutique space with friendly staff and first-rate service – you’ll know them by name and smile within just a few hours of your arrival.

One downside of La Posada de Chacón is that rooms can feel a little dark as they face the building’s courtyard space rather than the street. While rooms don’t keep much of the hotel’s historic character and charm, they’re quite comfortable and quiet, with all the amenities and excellent service you’re looking for.

Reviews and Bookings: La Posada de Chacón

La Villa Teresa
Courtesy of La Villa Teresa

11. La Villa Teresa

Stunning, historic architecture, beautiful antique furnishings, and expansive vistas over the entire city of Havana are just a few of the details that make La Villa Teresa one of the best places to stay in Havana. The luxury and next-level service of this family-owned property puts some of the other spots on this list, owned by larger hotel chains, to shame.

Located just down the street from another favorite, La Rosa de Ortega, La Villa Teresa is another great option for travelers looking to stay somewhere other than touristy areas of the city while still just within a 10-minute taxi ride of every attraction. This mansion’s terraces and pool area feel luxuriously spacious and offer spectacular views over the entire city.

Truly, La Villa Teresa is one of our favorite secrets in Havana. We’ve stayed here despite this being just blocks away from José’s family home in Havana, and drop by to visit the staff whenever we can. It’s one of our top recommendations for travelers visiting the city.

Reviews and Bookings: La Villa Teresa

hotel raquel
Courtesy of Hotel Raquel

12. Hotel Raquel

Hotel Raquel is located in a historic building in the center of Old Havana and is just as beautiful as its facade implies. Every square inch seems to be filled with ornate details, sky-high windows, and more, with an unbelievable masterpiece: a massive stained glass dome covering the interior hallway.

While parts of the historic Hotel Raquel are starting to show some signs of wear, its undeniable charm and impressive character make it a favorite among other Havana hotels. We’ve heard from other guests that sometimes wifi can be a bit spotty, which is, unfortunately, something quite common in Havana. However, this part of the city has plenty of public wifi spots to connect to should you have issues.

Reviews and Bookings: Hotel Raquel

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hotel palacio cueto
Courtesy of Hotel Palacio Cueto

13. Hotel Palacio Cueto

Despite its stunning facade, the newly-opened Havana hotel, Hotel Palacio Cueto, had a humble start as a hat factory. After years of abandonment, the ornate space was finally reclaimed and now invites guests to explore the city from an incredible location: the corner of one of Havana’s most important and historic plazas, Plaza Vieja.

The historic touches and ornate details of Hotel Palacio Cueto‘s facade don’t carry throughout the rest of the hotel, and the interiors are a bit underwhelming yet perfectly comfortable. However, the hotel’s impressive rooftop terrace, which boasts truly spectacular views, and its unbeatable Old Havana location make it one of the best hotels in Havana.

Reviews and Bookings: Hotel Palacio Cueto

hotel palacio de los corredores
Courtesy of Hotel Palacio de los Corredores

14. Hotel Palacio De Los Corredores

The newly-opened Hotel Palacio de los Corredores is another hotel in the heart of Old Havana with a fascinating past and a location that can’t be beaten. This historic building, located in one of the city’s most important plazas and just a block from the waterfront, was used until the 1950s for official purposes in customs at the port.

The decor and styling of Hotel Palacio de los Corredores‘ interior is nothing to write home about, though it boasts some great amenities that make it stand out from some of the other hotels in the city. Good wifi (internet in Cuba is still not a given, even in hotels!) and the hotel’s excellent location facing Plaza de San Francisco de Asís make it a special spot among plenty of places to stay in Old Havana.

Reviews and Bookings: Hotel Palacio de los Corredores

vapor 156
Courtesy of Vapor 156 Boutique Hotel

15. Vapor 156

The boutique, local-owned Vapor 156 is a great, budget-friendly hotel in Havana that will immediately charm you. Located in the neighborhood of Centro Habana, which isn’t as lively or lovely as Vedado or Old Havana, its location is close to the Malecón and near local eateries and shops.

We love recommending Vapor 156 among Havana hotels for travelers who are looking for the personalized and local attention of a casa particular, but prefer a hotel. With just eight guest rooms, first-floor dining, staff on-site at all times, and balconies facing the private courtyard, Vapor 156 checks all the boxes.

Reviews and Bookings: Vapor 156

Can Americans Stay in Hotels in Cuba?

If you’re traveling from the United States, you may have heard that Americans can’t stay in hotels in Cuba. Well… that’s not entirely true. Americans can stay in many hotels in Cuba, other than a select few that are partially owned by the Cuban government.

These are the top hotels on this list that American travelers CAN choose from:

For a full summary of hotels that American travelers should avoid while traveling in Cuba, check out the U.S. Department of State website for an updated list.

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